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We Need New Blood!

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This was originally posted on Facebook July 22 2021. The RFP was shut down; we are promised the results of a review before the election. I just want to make sure everyone remembers. “City officials say there is legally no conflict of interest because they specifically included a clause allowing current city employees to bid on the process.”

They are pretty much saying -

“There is no conflict of interest because we changed the rules so there would be no conflict of interest.”

Do they really think we will swallow that?


Feb 21 Employees of Invest Medicine Hat (IMH) incorporate a company called Orka Management. (IMH is forecast to lose $900,000 this year!)

June 15 Request For Proposal quietly issued, no publicity. CAO Bob Nicolay calls it “an oversight. 18 Plan Takers, Orka is one.

Check this out!

Jason Melhoff – Orka Partner/ IMH Managing Director Eric Van Enk – Orka Partner/ IMH Director of Investments and Strategic Planning Chris Perret – Orka Partner/ IMH Director of Land Development and Real Estate Kelli Ireland – Orka Marketing/ IMH Marketing Specialist Jan Sookocheff - Orka Business Development/ IMH Economic Recovery Officer Dayna Felesky – Orka Human Resource Officer/ IMH Economic Development Officer

July 19 RFP closes, only one bidder. Guess who?

This stinks to high heaven. Obviously Orka knew months ago. The City tried to sneak in this TEN year contract before the election. Tell them you are angry, that you won't allow this to happen!

Once again Medicine Hat is in the news and not for a good thing. It is one thing to expect some corruption behind the scenes (unfortunately that’s a reality in our world). It is quite another to see it wielded so blatantly, that they don’t even bother to try to hide it.

We need New Blood!

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