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We Need Background Checks For All Administrative Positions at City Hall

I recently applied to be on the Police Commission (and the Municipal Planning Commission). I must pass a police check to even be considered as a volunteer for the Police Commission.

Totally reasonable, you don't want someone with a criminal history on the Police Commission. In the same spirit, you want to make sure people have a good financial history with running businesses before you turn over the key to the vault of public monies. You want to make sure that they have the highest standards of integrity and ethics. Given City Manager’s Bob Nicolay’s history of

  • being removed as CEO of Enmax and paid nearly $2 million to go away

  • starting up three separate companies that ended up being stuck off the corporate register, one owing ten of millions of dollars to creditors.

I’m assuming previous council did not do a background check before putting him in charge of hundreds of millions of dollars. If there was one done and they hired him anyway, that rises to a whole new level of incompetence.

Pics from screenshots of his Linked In profile Nov 2 2021

Following pics taken from this pdf link -

Pg 12 of above pdf link

Pg 24 of above pdf link

Pg 5 of above pdf

Let me be clear - I don't think Mr Nicolay has done anything illegal, my concern is with his integrity and ethics. A police check would not reveal that.

Someone sent me this article published by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. It describes the dangers of hiring people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

“Once they’re in power, narcissists consolidate their position by firing everyone who challenges them,” O’Reilly says. In their place rise a plague of toadies, opportunists, and enablers equally guided by self-interest and short on scruples.”...

“Too often, when boards select CEOs, especially outside CEOs, they do it through interviews. But interviews play to the strength of a narcissist. And you can’t just look at performance, because they can fake performance” — blithely taking credit for others’ work and even falsifying results.

“What would really be far more illuminating would be to go talk to the people who’ve worked for them and with them in the past. You have to get data from people who have seen that person operating.”

Did previous council do that? Doubtful.

We Need Background Checks For All Administrative Positions at City Hall!!!!

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