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Upcoming Review on the Invest Medicine Hat RFP Fiasco Part 1

We are promised the results of an independent review at tonight’s council meeting.

I fully expect the review will show no legal wrongdoing. After all they changed the RFP so that city employees could bid on it, something that is fishy in itself. Let’s see what it says ethically.

Current council, City manager Bob Nicolay and IMH staff all refuse to admit anything was wrong with the whole fiasco, council even went as far as hiring an independent firm to review the findings to prove them right.

Our illustrious mayor said ““I fully expect everybody will be vindicated, and for those that suggested that the process wasn’t fair you may want to be careful going forward,” the mayor said.

Many took that as a veiled threat.

The RFP process may have been legal, I don’t know; I do know it was ethically wrong. It did not pass the smell test, even Orka recognized that.

“The team at Orka acknowledges that the perception of a conflict of interest is sufficient to remove our firm from the bidding process and to allow the City opportunity to re-evaluate their bid process with questions from the community,” reads a statement from Orka. “

I’ve been asked if I will apologize to Bob Nicolay and IMH if the review shows they did nothing wrong. The answer is no. It might have been legal but it was NOT ethical. I have nothing to apologize for.

Anyone who thinks this was ethical does not have the necessary good character to conduct business on behalf of the City.

Character matters. Integrity matters. Honesty matters.

The Old Guard must go!

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