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Unqualified at City Hall?

Originally posted August 27 2021 on my Facebook Campaign page

This story is why I am so adamant about how wrong Bylaw 4662 is that council passed back in April abdicating their powers to the CAO. No one person should have the power to hire and fire at the top levels.

HR should be doing the recruiting and screening, then narrow it down to a short list. Council can then decide which one of the QUALIFIED candidates to hire.

Again, I love Linked In. Again, not releasing the name of the hiree.

Linked In is a site where you brag about your accomplishments and achievements. I suppose some achievements may be missing from a person’s profile. The current Managing Director of Energy and Infrastructure is one step below the City Manager. His Linked In profile shows he has a BSc in Geology from the U of C. He oversees people with much higher qualifications, people who actually have their P.Eng status (Professional Engineer).

So how did he get there? I don’t know but here’s a timeline of what happened according to their Linked In profiles.

This seems fishy to me but I am not an HR expert. Maybe someone who is an expert can weigh in.

Person 1 Current Managing Director of Energy and Infrastructure. SIL CAO/City Manager Bob Nicolay’s son in law.

Person 1 worked for 12 other companies since 1984, 2-3 years at most places except for Statoil; he was there for 6 years. Person 1 was self employed before being hired by the City.

Oct/15 Person 1 hired as General Manager NGPR

Oct/18 Bob Nicolay returns as CAO aka City Manager (I’d like to know if the CAO position was advertised and for how long)

Jan/19 SIL hired as Consulting Engineer NGPR

Jun/19 Person 1 promoted to Commissioner Energy and Utilities

Jul/19 SIL is now Engineering Supervisor Subsurface Technical NGPR Jan/20 SIL promoted to Operations Manager NGPR

Jan/21 Person 1 is now Managing Director Energy and Infrastructure

Apr/21 SIL is now Manager Gas Operations

There it is.


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