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So Who Will Be Our Acting CAO January 31?

I’ve heard from a number of people who are concerned that the Managing Director of Energy and Infrastructure Brad Maynes will be chosen. I share their concerns.

I looked into Mr Maynes last year and did a couple of posts, so I will just quote from them. I’ve got another advocacy project on the go right now so my time is limited. However, they’re naming someone in one week so this needs to be addressed right now.

“In 2016, the general manager (Brad Maynes) of NGPR (Natural Gas and Petroleum Resources) produced a business plan called Return to Profitability”....

They searched for a jackpot and found nothing. In 2020 in a seemingly desperate attempt to mitigate the millions and millions of dollars loss they started selling off our assets.... All together, NGPR spent about $45 million over three years. They found no jackpot.

Was he fired or demoted for such poor performance? No.”

After wasting $45,000,000 Mr Maynes was actually promoted to his present position. (Guess who gave him that promotion?)

Mr Mayne’s Linked In profile shows he has a BSc in Geology from the U of C. He worked for 12 other companies since 1984, 2-3 years at most places except for Statoil; he was there for 6 years. Mr. Maynes was self employed before being hired by the City in 2015 as a General Manager, NGPR.

I show the proof here -

Four years later, he's Managing Director, overseeing people with much higher qualifications, people who actually have their P.Eng status (Professional Engineer).

Medicine Hat has to Stop Rewarding Failure.

Once again, I’m asking the public to contact our City Councillors and let them know how you feel about this. In all of your communications with Council


Be Kind.

The new members of council are not to blame for past decisions. The incumbents will be far more likely to agree to do as you ask if you are kind.


Do NOT make it personal.

Criticize their decisions, sure, but don’t attack them personally. Eg. It’s okay to say “That was a stupid decision.“ It’s NOT okay to say “You are stupid for making that stupid decision.”

All the information I’m bringing to light is there for everyone to find but not everybody has the time to dig it out. If you were surprised by what I discovered then please keep in mind that many on council are surprised too.


E-mails are easy.

First three letters of the first name + first three letters of the last name

We have Alison and Allison which can be confusing so here's the list to make it easier.

I like to do a group e-mail, that way I can exactly see who responded and who didn't.

Only two have phone numbers listed.

Shila Sharps 403-458-3218 Alison Van Dyke 403-458-3227



Be Kind!

Feel free to tell them Kelly Allard Speaking Out and Speaking Up sent you.

Anybody But Brad Maynes

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