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Shout Out and Many Thanks to My Design Team

This has been a long campaign and I could not not have got as far as I did without the help of my design team Liz Goode and Megan Allard.

Megan of course is my daughter and Liz is her friend. However it was Liz that first contacted me about helping my campaign.

I’ve never actually met Liz in person and was not even Facebook Friends with her. She saw some of my early posts and she contacted me out of the blue. She offered to do everything for free. I cannot even give her a tax receipt because she lives in BC so she really did it all out of the goodness of her heart.

Liz and Megan worked together even though they are on the other side of the planet from each other (video calls are a wonderful thing); Liz in BC, Megan in Sydney Australia. They created:

my flyer

my signs

- my print ad

- my QR code

- my bus benches

- my business cards

They also:

- helped with the design of my website

- created ads with 4 panels outlining my platform, these are only two examples

- determined what the best times for posting on FB were

- edited my content on a regular basis because I’m a lousy typist and don’t catch all my own mistakes

- as well as doing a TON of research. They got me to set up an Instagram account as well. I’m sure I’ve missed other things that they’ve done.

These two ladies are amazing and just goes to show that people can work together from anywhere!

Win or lose, I owe these two a lot (okay one owes her life to me but not the other ;) ). I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You two are amazing, thank you so much for all the encouragement and all the great advice! <3 <3 <3

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