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Salary of Bob Nicolay, CAO of Medicine Hat

I posted this on my Facebook Campaign Page and my Instagram July 26 but not everyone is on social media. Oops. When I screw up I admit it. I promise to do better in the future.

Here it is - Start of post "Bob Nicolay is our CAO (Chief Administrative Officer). This is his salary that we, the residents of Medicine Hat, are paying for. In 2020 he made $406,000 total ($374,000 base + $32,000 benefits and allowances). In 2019 he made $371,000 total ($338,000 base +$33,000 benefits and allowances). That’s a 10.65% raise in base salary. How much was your raise? Proof is on Pg 48(46) of the 2020 Financial Report and Page 49(47) of the 2019 Financial Report. The City Manager of Calgary (same job, different title) makes quite a bit less, a city 21 times our size. These are 2021 numbers. Minimum annual base rate is $265,000 Maximum annual base rate is $350,000

It’s on page 11(13) of the document below. The perks are way less too even counting his designated parking spot. How much is our CAO getting paid in 2021? What are we paying him for? The IMH/Orka scandal was handled very badly. He miscalculated public outrage. We all saw right through his attempts to tell us there was no conflict of interest. He failed to discern that just because something may be legal it does not mean it is ethical.

If elected, I will be pushing for a review of this bloated salary. Yes I know you get what you pay for but right now, but IMO we are not getting our money’s worth.

I'm not afraid to speak up, many in this city are afraid. I have no investments to protect, I own no revenue properties, I have nothing to lose. That means I have the freedom to speak up and speak out.

To paraphrase Ace Rothstein from Casino (re IMH/Orka) - "Listen, if you didn't know it was going to seem unethical you're too f---in' dumb to keep this job, if you did know, you were in on it. Either way, YOU'RE OUT!" " End of post.

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