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Our CAO is Gone But Our Work is Not Yet Done

Our CAO/City Manager announced his retirement yesterday, I am overwhelmed with joy. I like to think that I may have played some small part in this. :)

Now that he is officially done, I see no need to post about him any more. My issues with his decisions no longer matter, he will be powerless very very soon. I encourage all others to do the same, let him retire in peace.

We won, it’s done.

We should be gracious in victory.

I don't care what our CAO says about how he decided to retire, it is now irrelevant. The final result is that he is retiring, that's all I wanted. There is no need to pile on anymore.

I'm moving on.

Our work is not yet done, he was only The Rot at the Top. I plan to keep digging. He did not operate in isolation, the culture among more than one City department is a toxic mess from what I heard. Some departments run well, others do not. The problems go far deeper than the CAO, it is pervasive.

I'll be digging into it.

I am receiving your anonymous tips, just enter a fake e-mail address.

Now the City will be searching for a new CAO/City Manager. I’ll repeat what I said before.

We need background checks for all top administrative jobs. Someone sent me this article published by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. It describes the dangers of hiring people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

“Once they’re in power, narcissists consolidate their position by firing everyone who challenges them,” O’Reilly says. In their place rise a plague of toadies, opportunists, and enablers equally guided by self-interest and short on scruples.”...

“Too often, when boards select CEOs, especially outside CEOs, they do it through interviews. But interviews play to the strength of a narcissist. And you can’t just look at performance, because they can fake performance” — blithely taking credit for others’ work and even falsifying results.

“What would really be far more illuminating would be to go talk to the people who’ve worked for them and with them in the past. You have to get data from people who have seen that person operating.”

Did previous council do that? Doubtful.

We Need Background Checks For All Administrative Positions at City Hall!!!!

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