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Origins of Invest Medicine Hat (IMH) Pt 3

Nov 2 2018 Ryan Jackson (Invest Medicine Hat) said: “The potential to build a bio-diesel refinery in Medicine Hat is part of joint-venture discussions made public Thursday between a renewable energy technology firm and an investors group in Grande Prairie.”

Dec 16 2018

“Raphael Bohlmann, president of Renewable U, stated Tuesday that the group is preparing to acquire land in Grande Prairie for a potential $20-million facility there, and initial visits to Medicine Hat in November were encouraging. “

Renewable U was incorporated in Grande Prairie.

Oct 18 2018

Renewable U was incorporated in Medicine Hat

Nov 8 2018

Then the refinery went to Dunmore instead of Medicine Hat.

Isn’t this interesting. "Renewable U Medicine Hat, after scoping out multiple locations, presented us the land in Cypress County, which is perfectly located and ideal for future expansion opportunities...

Renewable U Medicine Hat's Director and Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Jackson, stated, "We are extremely pleased to have found a location that is situated within Cypress County...”

Guess what Mr Jackson is doing now. “As well, RUEI has advised Cielo that, as of March 6, 2021, Ryan Jackson has been named new CEO of RUEI and Murray Trollope has been named CFO. “

Murray Trollope worked for the City of Medicine Hat for over 20 years, his last position was Director of Business Services NGPR leaving June 2018.

How is it a City employee with their own investment firm (Troll Holdings Ltd) gets to do this? "Also a member of committees responsible for commodity hedging, equity investment of the City's cash portfolio, and planning for closing the funding gap (financially fit) in municipal services."

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