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Nepotism at City Hall?

Once again, I love Linked In!

I got a tip about possible nepotism at City Hall. Let me lay it out for you and see what you think.

First of all, I am not holding the hirees responsible, I am not interested in condemning them at all. Right now the fault lies SOLELY with the people in power who pushed for this to happen.

Some people in HR had no choice. They either had no power over these decisions or were overruled. I do NOT hold them responsible. (I think we need Whistleblower Protection for our employees but that is a subject for another day.)

I heard City of Medicine Hat CAO Bob Nicolay got his son in law (SIL) a job with the City. With a little digging I did confirm that Mr Nicolay does have a SIL who is employed by the City of Medicine Hat.

I have his name but he has minor children so I am not releasing it, it’s not hard to find. Again, I do NOT presently hold him responsible. I AM holding Mr Nicolay responsible.

The SIL’s Linked In profile shows he was employed in Calgary for his entire career from after graduating with a BS in Petroleum Engineering in 2003 until May 2018, 9 different companies. APEGA lists him as having his P Eng.

He may very well be qualified for his position, I don’t know. I do know his latest promotion came the very same month CAO/City Manager Bob Nicolay was given new powers previously only held by council. Check pg 5, of Bylaw 4662, Managing Directors, Clauses 25-27.

SIL was unemployed May 2018 to Jan 2019.

He was hired Jan 2019 by the City of Medicine Hat as a Consulting Engineer, NGPR (Natural Gas and Petroleum Resources).

7 months later

Promoted to Engineering Supervisor, Subsurface Technical NGPR.

7 months later

Promoted to Operations Manager NGPR.

16 months later

Promoted to Manager, Gas Operations April 2021, the same month that Bylaw 4662 took effect.

Quite a meteoric rise.

In my opinion the optics look bad.

What say you?

(more to come, stay tuned)

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