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King Bob

My inspiration for this post came from fellow candidate Brian Webster. He was concerned about a new bylaw that gave our CAO Bob Nicolay new powers.

Thanks Brian, you were right on the money, this is dedicated to you!

I did a little digging and what I found sent a chill down my spine.

The bylaw in question is Bylaw 4662. Go to the city website and do a search.

(If elected, I will make sure that all bylaws can be accessed online. Some are hard to find, many must be accessed through the City Clerk’s office. I think they have better things to do, don’t you? I also want all past agendas available, not just council highlights. That is an issue for another time.)

The last Bylaw that sets out the powers of the CAO/COO I can find is 3857 passed in 2008.

Here is how the powers are set out in 3857.

(2) Council shall appoint by resolution individuals to the positions of CAO Municipal Services, COO Energy Services, City Clerk and City Solicitor.

(3) Council may appoint up to 3 Commissioners by resolution.

6. ... the CAO Municipal Services shall (c) supervise the Commissioners; (g) The CAO Municipal Services may not revoke the appointment of the Commissioners, City Clerk or City Solicitor.

Now see how 4662 sets them out.

*Note – commissioners are now Managing Directors.


26. A Managing Director shall be appointed by the City Manager. 27. The City Manager may revoke the appointment of a Managing Director.”

36. The City Manager shall appoint the City Solicitor. 37. The City Manager may revoke the appointment of the City Solicitor. 38. The City Clerk shall be appointed by the City Solicitor. 39. The City Solicitor may revoke the appointment of the City Clerk.

What?! How the HELL did that happen?

CAO /City Manager Bob Nicolay now has powers once only wielded by COUNCIL and maybe more recently the Administrative Committee? (I can’t know unless I can access the repealed bylaw. )

King Bob now gets to hire and fire at his whim, council has no say.

All hail King Bob!

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