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It’s Been a Long Campaign.

I decided to run because City Hall could not decide to hold a vote on a mask bylaw last year. I did not care what they decided, I just wanted them to hold a vote. It seemed cowardly to hem and haw and let the province decide what to do. The province failed us, badly.

When I started my campaign February 2, I wanted to be a voice on council that had the ability and the will to speak up and speak out. I’m not involved with anyone on council or in City Hall, none of my family works for the City, I have the freedom to speak out. I have nothing to lose. I have no investment properties, no businesses, no relatives that will benefit from me being on council and even if they did, I’ll do what’s best for the city, not individuals.

I truly have no ulterior motive.

Late last year, I started to educate myself by attending/watching council meetings, examining financial reports, master plans, reports, seeing who did what, how much they got paid, comparing them to other cities.

I looked into how much our growth had slowed, how bad our bus system has got, how $45 million dollars were thrown away in a futile search for another field the size of Glauc C. (In the private sector the one responsible for the $45 mill would be fired but in Medicine Hat they get promoted to Managing Director.)

When the story about the Invest Medicine Hat /Orka RFP broke, I did some digging and was shocked by what I found. I found evidence that they altered the Conflict of Interest Clause so city workers aka Orka could bid. The alterations were clumsy and unprofessional. They were absolutely brazen about it, that showed me something is very wrong at City Hall. It may have been legal but it sure as hell wasn’t ethical.

I asked my kids what they thought my qualifications were. My son wrote quite a lot but I think I like this part the best.

"You are a rational and fair person. A thinker. A strong advocate for those who you advocate for, but only if their cause is just."


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