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Invest Medicine Hat, the NWIA Plan and the Clubs Pt 3

What Can Council Do to Fix It?

Recap – this Plan will eventually displace existing clubs, some who’ve been there 30 years. They’ve invested over a million dollars at their current location; they were moved there at the City’s behest.

What can Council do?


#InvestMedicineHat (IMH) works for US. YOU tell IMH what to do.

Start by


to find a suitable site for an Entertainment District to encompass the drag strip race track gun range RC Flyers Motocross with room to grow.

Follow up


to research the hit our economy will take if the clubs leave.


to calculate appropriate compensation. The Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede (MHES) gets a City subsidy of $500k every year, start there.

Start looking for someone #trustworthy to run IMH. IMH’s track record is one of screwing the pooch as well as being downright #unethical.

Get a background check.

Remember Orka?

It was (is?) made up of 6 top IMH employees. They bid on a City RFP which was NOT allowed under the standard #ConflictOfInterest clause. So what happened was a rewrite so city workers COULD bid.

The City Manager (CM) was made the sole arbiter of what constituted a conflict, he must have approved it. That fact alone means we should stay the F away from anyone in bed with him. (Does anyone REALLY think he’s gone away?)

The overbudget #TinCanAlley downtown after IMH reportedly refused development proposals on it for years. Seriously, how the hell did THAT happen?

The $830,000 they spent on their offices at a property they don’t even own. #WTF?

Oh yeah, and don’t forget how well #Aurora worked out.

Why Do They Still Have Jobs?

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