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Invest Medicine Hat,The NWIA Plan and the Clubs Pt 2

Where the Hell Are They Supposed to Go?

Invest Medicine Hat #IMH was in charge of developing this plan, they hired #Stantec.

IMH boasts

“From business development to planning services and procurement, we are here for you. “

To me it is not enough to identify a #problem, you must also identify a #solution. So why have they not identified possible locations for the clubs? Surely, they know what is available.

Isn’t that their JOB?

Maybe the boast only applies to for-profit companies.

1 They identify the clubs and their longevity. pg 12(16)

“These not-for-profit clubs operate on City owned lands through lease agreements, generally issued for long-term periods (e.g., 10+ years), and have enjoyed a long-standing presence in their current locations, some over the past 25+ years. ... “All clubs within the Plan Area possess strong membership bases and provide valuable community services to residents of Medicine Hat. In addition to regular member services, several of the clubs offer youth programs, special interest groups activities and training, and host wide-reaching events and competitions which support tourism in Medicine Hat.”

2 Under Guiding Principles Pg 14(18)

“Consider Existing Clubs

Phased development that supports the continuation of existing special outdoor recreation uses (clubs) until development of City-leased lands to another use is deemed desirable by Council.”

There’s absolutely NO consideration or plan for the clubs when the land is needed.

It reeks of an attitude of

“Ya they can stay but when we need the land, they’re gone. Nope, no idea where even though our job is literally to know exactly what lands are available in our city.

We’ll just figure it out as we go.”

Our Clubs deserve better.

Medicine Hat deserves better.

Council can still fix this.

More to come.

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