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I Had to Step Away From the Computer on the Night of Oct 15

In a discussion about better transit service I encountered a person who actually compared poor people to stray cats. I got so angry I knew I was going to say something unkind, I had to step away for the night.

The person actually said -

”All I am saying is that some people need help, but that doesn’t mean we take away their opportunity to have experiences that make them stronger. Adversity builds character and strength. Don’t take that away from people. Help them develop. Feeding a stray cat makes it dependent and eventually, it will lose its drive and ability to hunt mice."

They also said -

“Minimum wage jobs are not intended to be careers. Our young should aspire for more. Many people get roommates to help with bills and rent. There are creative ways to get by and progress. Friends with vehicles, a ride for dinner or chores in return for instance. These experiences enrich and bolster young people to make it work and strive for more.”

Then they added -

“this town stays this size because people WANT it that way!”

All because I want to make our transit service useful so people can actually use it to get to work, to make their lives better.

1 – People are NOT stray cats.

2 – Yes adversity makes people stronger but people don’t seek it out, they’ll seek out the best life for themselves and their family.

Just how strong do people have to be to deserve a decent transit service? If they can live somewhere without needing a car for work they’ll do it, especially the young. They’re the generation most concerned about our environment and the ones most likely to have that lifestyle.

3 – Our young should “aspire for more”? You seriously think they’re content with minimum wage? They should just stop being poor, right?

4 – If our city does not grow, taxes must rise and fast to cover the losses of NGPR. More people or more taxes – your choice.


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