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Hydrogen Hub – A Real Possibility or Another Helium Hub?

IMH and NGPR have been crowing about the possibility of a Hydrogen Hub, many are practically salivating over the possibility of big bucks. Four years ago they did the same re a Helium Hub – I guess they think we have short memories.

Nov 2017 a news article said -

"We have been in extensive discussions with Medicine Hat officials to locate our new CryoHub™ facility in the city and to develop helium resources in the region," said Weil CEO Jeff Vogt. "The city last month announced that it is undertaking helium exploration as part of its recently expanded drilling program. Therefore, this proposed facility would be a central hub to receive helium production from projects in both Alberta and Saskatchewan for liquefaction." Weil also has additional proven helium reserves nearby in Montana that could feed the facility.

"Thanks to our forward looking Growth Strategy, we were able to identify this opportunity and are pleased to support the Weil Group's plans to invest in Medicine Hat," said Mayor Ted Clugston. "This is a significant step in the Medicine Hat story. It demonstrates, once again, the unique benefits of our location and our City's ability to achieve economic diversification. Local business investment creates employment and future revenue for our City."

April 27 2021-

"Saskatchewan now has the largest helium production facility in Canada after it opened near Battle Creek on Tuesday.

"Owned by North American Helium Inc. (NAH)"... (which is owned by Weil)

Obviously our location was not unique enough. The project went to Saskatchewan; our council's been silent.

We've heard this spiel before - the same people are in charge (Brad Maynes General Manager NGPR then, Managing Director of Energy and Infrastructure now).

If elected, I won't consent to spending money until they study is complete and the result is positive.

The Old Guard MUST GO!


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