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Attention Whistleblowers

I’ve set up a PO Box for anonymous tips about what’s been happening and is now happening at City Hall, City Departments, anything to do with City Management.

Allard PO Box 975 Medicine Hat PO Main AB T1A 7G8

I’ve been disheartened to hear about mismanagement, abuse, cronyism, and nepotism and fear of reprisal for speaking out. Apparently the City has Whistleblower protection but there is no confidence in it.

Again, this is like a bad movie. I did not go into this campaign with this on the agenda. This is not what I wanted or hoped to do.

I want to improve our bus system, bring in new business and residents, improve Downtown and develop the Waterfront (but NOT the way the City currently wants to do it, we need a hazard assessment for starters aka NO steps going to a beach).

However once I started hearing stories I had to investigate. When they seemed to be true then I needed to bring it all to light and let the public decide. I had to add it to my platform.

I’m the ONLY person authorized to access this box (see pic). Nobody will mess with Canada Post. Tampering with mail is an indictable crime which can get you 10 years in prison.

I don’t need your name, contact info or position, just point me in the right direction. Give me only as much information as you feel comfortable with. I’m working alone for the most part, I don’t have a campaign team as of yet. If I get one, they will NOT have access to this information.

My current focus is City Hall – the rot comes from the top. We need to change the company culture.

In order of priority, we need

- a new council, please vote in as many new faces as you can. I can’t do it alone.

- to revoke bylaw 4662. Those powers should belong to council, not the Wannabe King

- a new CAO/City Manager. No more wannabe kings.

- to review the Managing Directors. Some belong there, others do not.

- to do something about Invest Medicine Hat (IMH).

That’s as far as council can and should go. The rest will be up to the Managing Directors of each department.

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