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$3,000,000 and Not a Pot to Piss In

Tom from Community TV sent me these photos and asked me to write an editorial.

(Photo Credit Community TV)

Here it is. After I submitted the first version Tom said:

"Good read!!!

I think I could stand to see the word piss in there a few more times."

So, I obliged.

Happy reading!

Invest Medicine Hat

and a History of

How Our Money Was Pissed Away on Tin Can Alley

$3,000,000 and Not One Pot to Piss In

April 2019 Property sold to Spero Hydrocarbons owned by Aaron Burghardt. Developer was willing to assume the cost of site rehabilitation, the City would provide a Brownfield Incentive of up to $400,000.

“Construction work could begin later this year, he said, though a final design won’t proceed until the taxation issue is settled. The general plan calls for a unique-build, non-chain hotel to rise five storeys on the west end of the nearly block-long lot. It would have ground-floor commercial space, and 60 rooms above”

Sept 30 2019 Closing Date

March 16 2020 A design was sent to council for approval by Clay District Developments (CDD) (also owned by Aaron Burghardt).

Sept 21 2020 We hear they pulled the plug.

“When asked the reason behind the developers backing out, Clugston cited the current economic crisis as a possible factor.”

I wonder.

I’ve heard the biggest barrier to developing that property has been Invest Medicine Hat (IMH). I’d love to know what happened between April and September!

Oct 5 2020 IMH reveals the plan for Tin Can Alley a mere two weeks later.

They really thought we would believe it was a last minute plan? They must have been at a piss-up before they came up with that story.

What was the given reason for choosing this project instead of anything else?

“The city had specific criteria to follow from the province including that projects could not increase operating costs and projects had to be done within the year.”

(Clugston said) “So tomorrow’s questions will be why didn’t you build a pool in the south or a splash park down in Riverside? Those all come with operating costs of lifeguards, water costs, etc.”


Now he’s just pissing me off.

From the stimulus funding page -

Program Guidelines

Swimming pools and splash parks would qualify – see pg 22 on the link below.

Did IMH even bother to read this or do they spend their time just pissing about? Here’s what some other places spent stimulus money on, they didn’t piss it away like IMH did.

Lethbridge Pg 3

Construct the Festival Square Market Plaza in downtown Lethbridge. This project includes the construction of a market plaza, 1 kilometre of roads, and 250 metres of new sidewalks.

They have mastered the ability to not piss away taxpayer dollars.


Morinville Pg 18

Construct a park pavilion at the Ray MacDonald Sports Complex, including an all season viewing area, spray park, a playground and accessible washrooms.

They have a pot to piss in for less than $300k.


Okotoks Pg 18

Upgrade the Okotoks Recreation Centre, Centennial Arena, and Foothills Centennial Centre, specifically the washroom facilities. The washroom facilities will become touchless, improve accessibility, update the hot water system, and install washing/sanitizing stations.

They have better pots to piss in for $200k.


Tin Can Alley was 50% overbudget at $3,000,000 and not even a pot to piss in. Instead we’re going to have port-a-potties near food trucks in the summer heat. That’ll whet appetites! <sarcasm>

There’s handicapped parking for people with mobility issues but nowhere to piss. Instead they’re expected to go to City Hall, the Library or the Transit Terminal, assuming of course they’re even open for one to take a piss.

It’s piss poor planning if you ask me and not exactly inclusive.

IMH has proven they’re either lazy, incompetent or uncaring (or all 3).

IMH has proven they’re the masters of pissing money away. (How do they still have jobs?)

It’s time for City Council to piss or get off the pot.

IMH has to GO!

(Btw, MJB was awarded the Tin Can Alley contract. The landscaping subcontractor is LMT Landscaping. Former Councilor Brian Varga is one of the owners of LMT Landscaping.)

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