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Kelly Allard for Medicine Hat City Council

Show Your Support



This is my first time running for office, I can use all kinds of help. I welcome suggestions, volunteers and donations.  I am still working out what I would have volunteers do so if you have any insight, please let me know!


Receipts will be provided for all donations. Right now I am only accepting donations by e-mail transfer or you could send donations by snail mail. If there is interest in donating by Paypal, I will set that up too, please let me know.

For now I would appreciate it if you could share my message on FB, Instagram, e-mail, Zoom, skywriting, whatever you can do.


The maximum amount candidates are legally allowed to accept from any one Alberta resident is $5000, but I would be happy with $5. I am an expert in stretching every dollar.  Legally I have to submit the name of every person who donates over $50. If you donate $50, your privacy should be fine; if you donate $50.01 then I must submit your name. If you are the kind of person who likes their privacy and wants to be extra sure, I am good with $49. I am not allowed to accept anonymous donations, any such donations must be returned or donated to charity if a return is impossible.

Candidates are not allowed to accept any money from corporations and other organizations which is unlikely anyway, I am not someone who rubs elbows with CEOs, CFOs, CAOs, COOs, etc. Sole proprietors, yup.

Please note - if you think that by donating to my campaign that I will be obligated to further your agenda then I would prefer you keep your money.
If you do not agree with any of my platform then feel free to engage me in conversation. I am open to new points of view, in fact I welcome them. Opposing views make for better decisions. If you present me with a bag full of money, that will not change my mind. If you present me with a logical argument, that just might.

If elected, I will do what is best for the Residents of Medicine Hat,

not for who donated the most.

E-mails collected are for the use of sending receipts unless you OPT-IN to campaign e-mails. I hate spam and will not inflict it on others.

Please Send Snail Mail Donations to:

81-2248 Southview Dr SE
Medicine Hat AB T1B 1R3

My bank says that cheques/money orders must be made out to:

"Kelly Allard Official Agent"

Please Send E-mail Transfer Donations to:

Please enter your name, and full Alberta address in the Comment section of the e-transfer so we can issue the legally required receipt. We must issue receipts for ALL donations, even if it is only for $1.

I have been informed some financial institutions won't allow that information to be given in the comment section of the e-transfer. If that is so for your institution, then please just message the website, the FB campaign page or send an e-mail with your name and address so we can send the receipt. Thank you!!!!   

The account will be set up for automatic deposit, no password required so please be sure you are sure about the donation. If you send too much in error, please notify us and we can reverse the donation.

We need your name and your Alberta address. Receipts must be provided for ALL donations.
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