Kelly Allard
For Medicine Hat City Council

A New Vision for a Better Medicine Hat


Thank you for stopping by! I am a long-time Medicine Hat resident. I’ve worked, studied, and raised a family here — I’m honoured to have this chance to give back as your next City Councillor. 




If I’m elected, I’ll fight for: 

  • New Revenue Sources: Seeking out new sources of revenue for the city - we can no longer rely on gas and oil. I have several ideas already.


  • Better Transit: Creating a better transit system by creating a bus riding culture and increasing ridership. I have lived here for over 30 years and the bus system has not improved. I grew up in the Lower Mainland and transit was my sole way to get around. I suggested bus passes for youth to the city of Medicine Hat 20 years ago and nobody listened. Now it’s time to represent all bus riders city-wide.


  • Improving Downtown and the Waterfront: Improving downtown and the waterfront. I believe in restoring our historic buildings like the Monarch Theatre and Assiniboia Hotel. I know that attractive, branded wayfinding signs will promote Medicine Hat’s natural and cultural attractions while making it easier for locals and tourists to find their way around.

  • Attracting New Residents: Increasing our population by attracting telecommuters from big cities, and businesses will follow. COVID has taught us a lot of jobs can be done from home. We can take advantage of that.

  • Bringing Back Integrity and Fairness to City Hall: I have discovered some disturbing things after hearing stories about nepotism, cronyism, toxic workplace and fear of reprisal. It all sounds like a bad movie, it’s surreal. To combat that, I have set up a PO Box for whistle blowers to remain anonymous without fear of reprisal. It is:


PO Box 975
Medicine Hat PO Main AB
T1A 7G8



"You can't find a fairer person to listen to both sides of the story and to be able to come to a compromise than Kelly Allard.”


- Denise M. Traynor

"If you vote for Kelly Allard, you’ll get someone who will fight for what’s best for Medicine Hat.”


- K.M. Read

"You are a rational and fair person. A thinker. A strong advocate for those who you advocate for, but only if their cause is just."


- Oliver Nelson


​I have thought about running for a long time but I had most of the family responsibilities when my late husband Carl Allard worked out of town. When he became disabled, I was his health care advocate and later also his caregiver; he was my priority. He has been gone for over a year, I am ready to carry on. I know he is watching and cheering me on as he always has.


I have the time to dedicate to the City’s business the way the residents deserve. This will be my only job.


I have no ulterior motive in running for Medicine Hat City Council (MHCC). I have no investment properties, I own no businesses, I have no rich relatives that will benefit from me being on council and even if they did, I will do what is best for the city, not individuals. My children all have good careers, they certainly don't need my help. There will be no nepotism on my part.




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